Hello world!

Surviving Life?…

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I do something
  • I like something
  • I love something
  • I’m addicted to something
  • I’m getting bored with something
  • I start to look for something else
  • I buy stuff to do something else
  • So many things in life keep me from starting something
  • I’ve come across the original something, while looking for something to do
  • I forgot how much I liked it
  • I have to find a place to store the new stuff, until I have time to do it
  • I feel overwhelmed
  • I take a break and decide to look for something fun to start doing…

“Surviving Life – This and That”

This blog is going to be on how we Survive Life.  I can’t narrow the subject down, because as we know, LIFE, is vast and complex.  So this blog will be about “This and That”.