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Wife, Mother, Photographer

Dee Sanchez – Dee’s Digital Delight

Thank you for stopping by today. I love that your as curious about me as you are about my photography, art, and blog.

Years ago, I don’t quite recollect when, I watched as a family member worked on some photography. I always loved looking at pictures and finding out the story behind some of them. Anywho, my curiosity was peaked. Curiosity turned into a hobby and a hobby turned into a passion.  My personal goal is to photo document my life.

I’m mostly self taught and love shooting what catches my eyes and peaks my interests.  Some of my work remain relatively unchanged, others are turned into digital works of art. Please feel free to browse through my blog, and check out the links to my website and various social media pages, see if there is anything that peaks your interest. I love sharing my photos, and knowledge of whatnots that I come about in my daily life.

I would love to know what you think so please feel free to leave your comments here or throughout  the blog.

Have a Happy & Blessed Day

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